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SURO® is Canada’s first and largest organic producer of elderberry-based products.

SURO® is Canada’s first and largest producer of organically grown elderberries.
First planted in 2002, SURO® is located in Southern Quebec’s rich farming area of Saint-Bernard-De-Lacolle.
For Jacinthe and Sylvain, SURO® is the perfect combination of their love of nature and their interest in health and wellness.

8000 elderberry plants

The orchard is like no other place on earth. Beautiful and tranquil, it has over 8,000 bushes yielding over 55,000 kgs of American elderberry (Sambucus Canadensis) every year.
(Sambucus canadensis).

The plants bloom in July and fruits ripen in September. As for the fruit, the berries are ready for picking in September.


At the peak of their ripeness, elderberries are harvested by hand.
The fruits are immediately frozen in order to preserve all their nutrients and flavor and thus be used in the development of products. However, it is from fresh berries and fresh flowers that the extracts are made.

SURO® manufactures its products to the highest quality standards.

SURO® offers a complete range of formulations, available at retailers across Canada.


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